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August 20, 2019
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Buying your first home or an Experienced Buyer?

I can help, no sweat.

Your first home - what an exciting time! A milestone you'll always remember. So why not make it fun and memorable by working with someone that can save you time and money, me.

My job as part of TMG The Mortgage Group is to add to the excitement, not the stress with our No Sweat Guarantee. We make it our business to understand your unique needs and match you with financing solutions that make sense. As a Mortgage Professional I will assess your needs and act in your best interests, representing you as the go-between with lenders.

And in the majority of cases, I'm paid by lending institutions so there's no cost to you.

But first, you probably have a lot of questions which is why I recommend getting up to speed on the mortgage process with a quick call: 416.795.6521 or toll free 877.899.5035, or Send an Email for information on financing your new home.

The next step is to help you understand what you can comfortably afford to borrow by arranging a Pre-Approved Mortgage, guaranteed for 120-days. Not only does a Pre-Approved Mortgage provide clarity while you house-hunt, it's peace-of-mind on an interest rate that will not increase. And in the fortunate event that rates decrease, my job is to ensure you benefit.

I will provide a no-obligation, Pre-Approved Mortgage for you at no cost. Simply call and set up an appointment that's convenient for you so we can get started on your mortgage application.

TMG has helped a quarter million Canadians just like you, earning a respected reputation with lenders and clients as award-winning, leading-edge mortgage experts.

Experienced Buyer

Returning client or existing homeowner? Thank you for the opportunity to work with you again - I appreciate your business and loyalty.

If you're new to TMG The Mortgage Group, I look forward to earning your trust with our No Sweat approach to mortgage solutions whether you are looking to buy a new principal residence, an investment or vacation property or refinance to utilize your existing equity for any worthwhile purpose.

I will be happy to assess your current financial position and provide a no obligation, no-cost Pre-Approved Mortgage for you.

Let's get started.

Call today for an appointment: 416.795.6521, toll free @ 877.899.5037 or

Mortgage renewal in your future?

Before you "sign here" talk to me...

If your mortgage is coming up for renewal, make me your first call and let's get a jump on the options well in advance of the renewal date.

Today's ultra-sensitive interest rate environment can be especially confusing. In fact, many homeowners simply sign their renewal agreement at whatever rate the bank quoted. Sadly, that's exactly what banks count on.

Don't make this simple yet expensive mistake.

As a TMG Mortgage Agent I can demystify your options and negotiate the best rate on your behalf. And if we time it right and consult with you well before your mortgage comes up for renewal, I can ensure you get the best deal from your current or new lender. All part of our No Sweat approach to making sure the transition to your new mortgage is seamless and easy.

Let's get started.

Call today for an appointment: 416.795.6521, toll free @ 877.899.5035 oEmail to find out more


Turn Your Home Equity into Opportunity

Considering refinancing your home? Or maybe your circumstances have changed. I Would be pleased to work with you to weigh the costs and benefits to ensure it makes financial sense and most importantly, that you come out ahead.

Some reasons to consider refinancing:

  • Free up cash to pay off bills or consolidate to one payment, one interest rate
  • Reduce borrowing costs on your current mortgage by securing or switching to a lower fixed or variable rate
  • Fund home improvements or purchase additional investment properties or vacation home
  • Other investments

Deciding whether the cost of mortgage refinancing makes sense for you comes down to 2 basic questions:

  1. How do we best manage your cashflow?
  2. How long will it take before you start saving money?

Simply call and set up an appointment that's convenient for you and let's get your questions answered.

Call today for an appointment: 416.795.6521, toll free @ 877.899.5035 or Email to find out more

Equipment Leasing

Made Easy

From computers to industrial equipment, count on TMG Leasing as one more way to "think outside the branch" by helping you secure financing that makes sense for your business needs.

TMG Leasing is owned and operated by TMG the Mortgage Group, an award-winning Canadian Mortgage Agentage company that has been facilitating residential and commercial mortgages for over 20 years. TMG has built a reputation on expertise and integrity with over 700 Mortgage Professionals across Canada.

TMG's experienced team of Leasing Professionals provide cost-effective leasing solutions that not only leverage your business cash flow, but also:

  • Conserve capital;
  • Offer tax advantages; and
  • Provide 100%, fixed term financing to facilitate and simplify budgeting.

Email to find out more about TMG Leasing options.

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